Daniski Hills 2023 Annual Festival

Daniski Hills 2023 Annual Festival

BRIEF HISTORY: A state formed by the Bolewa
tribe, settled in Daniski in the 2nd half of the 15th
century, then moved to Fika c1800. On
27/12/1899, it became part of the Northern
Nigeria British protectorate. Today in Yobe state
of modern Nigeria.
SOURCES: Burke’s Royal Families of the World II
Africa & The Middle East, London 1980
… Daniski state founded in legendary
antiquity.c.1800 Daniski replaced by Fika 27 Dec
1899 Part of Northern Nigeria British
Rulers of Daniski
… – … Aji Daka ibn Mele Fusan
… – … Langawa ibn Bawa Kayi
… – … `Usman Gana ibn Mele Fusan
… – … Mammadi Gizze ibn Mama Kayi
… – … Mele Filata ibn Mama Gimsi
Rulers (title Moi Fika)
c.1806 MoiBuraima
c.1822 Moi Adam
c.1844 Moi Disa Siri
c.1844 – 1867 Moi Mammadi Gaganga
1867 – 1871 Moi Isma`ila
1871 – 1882 Moi Mammadi Buye
1882 – ?? Moi Aji
1882 – 1885 Moi Mama (Muhammad)
1885 – 1902 Moi Sule
1902 – 1922 Moi Disa (Idris) (d. 1922)
1922 – 1976 Moi Muhammadu Gana ibn Idrissa (b.
c.1881 – d. 1976)
1976 – 2009 Moi Abali ibn Muhammadu Idrissa
2009 – Date Moi Muhammadu Alkali Ibn Abali
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Head of the Royal Family: HRH The Emir of Fika
At Daniski:
1. Moi Aji Daka son of Mele Fusan
2. Moi Langawa son of Bawa Kayi
3. Moi Usman Gana son of Mele Fusan
4. Moi Mammadi Gizze son of Mama Kayi
5. Moi Mele Filata son of Mama Gimsi in Fika:
6. Moi Buraima, Moi Fikka c1806-c1822
7. Moi Adam, Moi Fikka c1822-c1844
8. Moi Disa Siri, Moi Fikka c1844
9. Moi Mammadi Gaganga, Moi Fikka c1844-1867
10. Moi Ismaila, Moi Fikka 1867-1871
11. Moi Mammadi Buye, Moi Fikka 1871-1882
12. Moi Aji, Moi Fikka 1882
13. Moi Mama Muhammadu, Moi Fikka 1882-1885
14. Moi Sule, Moi Fikka 1885-1902
15. Moi Disa Idris, Moi Fikka 1902-1922
At Potiskum:
16. HRH Alhaji Muhammadu Gana Ibn Idrissa,
Emir of Fika 1922-1976, (B-)c1881, (d)1976
17. HRH Alhaji Abali Muhammadu Ibn
Muhammadu Idrissa, Emir of Fika (Moi Fika) 1976
– 2009
18. HRH Alhaji Muhammadu Abali Ibn
Muhammadu Idriss Emir of Fika (Moi Fika) Since March
2009. (see above, Head of the Royal Family


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